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Civil Litigation

Litigation is a method used to resolve disputes between individuals and/or companies. Should you ever find yourself embroiled in a dispute then our team can offer you the advice and assistance you need in making or defending a suit or claim.

We possess the requisite experience and expertise in negotiating on your behalf and if necessary, issuing/defending proceedings at the High Court or other Courts depending on the nature and value of the claim being dealt with.

No case is too big or too small and our team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you receive a service tailored to meet your needs.

Civil Litigation
Merlyn Law Firm can provide a thorough understanding on the different aspects of litigation and what impact it can have on yourself, your family and your future.

Property Disputes

Property disputes can arise at any time for example, where individuals struggle to meet their mortgage payments or when tenants unlawfully sublet a dwelling or carry out unauthorised alterations to the property. Our property litigation team are experienced in disputes arising over leasehold issues such as landlord and tenant disputes over rent or eviction and freehold issues such as mortgage arrears and repossession claims.

We advise landlords, tenants and homeowners in such disputes to achieve a swift resolution bearing in mind the commercial realities of the day. If this is not possible, we take effective action relating to claims for rent arrears, breaches of lease and possession proceedings.

Landlord and Tenant Issues

We understand the stress and strain that can be caused when instigating or defending disputes in relation to landlord and tenant matters. The specialist knowledge of our litigation department can provide a multitude of experience in acting for clients in such matters. Whether you are a landlord seeking to regain possession of your property or a tenant who has been unlawfully evicted from your home, we have a number of years of experience in the complex area of housing law.

By instructing us, we will provide you withconcise assessment of your matter in plain non-legal terms. We are able to assist in both resiential and commercial property disputes.

Engineering and Building Disputes

When a build project in which you have invested time and money goes wrong, whether it is due to shoddy workmanship or builders not turning up for the job as scheduled, time, money and commercial relations can be lost.

We understand the acute technicalities involved in building, construction and engineering disputes, whether they relate to residential developments or commercial premises. For each client, we carefully consider the commercial and practical issues and present a suitable strategy.

Neighbour and Property Disputes

Issues about party walls, boundaries and shared access arrangements can be complicated and controversial. Misunderstandings over property can make life difficult. Our team of lawyers can assist you to resolve issues concerning:

Adversion Posession Claims

Adverse possession of property occurs when someone who is not the legal owner of property trespasses and occupies it for a specified period of time, then applies successfully to become the registered owner of that property.

A squatter can become entitled to adverse possession after ten years if they can prove they have actually been in occupation for that period and they reasonably believe the property belongs to them.

The legal owner of a property can oppose the squatter’s application for adverse possession provided they act quickly and within the requisite time period. It is important to keep all Land Registry documents safe and to ensure that you are registered as the proprietor at Land Registry.

We advise clients on all matters of adverse possession in a timely and efficient manner to ensure that their legal entitlements are not hindered.

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