Domestic Criminal Law

Domestic Criminal Law

Merlyn Law Firm provides specialist and discreet advice across the whole spectrum of criminal matters, from minor offences through to heinous or serious crimes, and has a long-established reputation as a market leader in the largest and most high-profile serious criminal cases. We advise clients in the police station, and handle cases in the Magistrates’ Court and Sessions Court. Many of our clients are high-profile individuals in the fields of commerce, industry, entertainment, sport and the media, where discretion and reputation management are crucial.

Domestic Criminal Law

Sexual Offences

Those subjected to sexual allegations face a difficult and uncertain situation. Few matters require such sensitive and careful handling. Reputational considerations are paramount, as there always remains the potential for media interest. Professionals will often face the added complication of sanctions or suspension from their regulator. Individuals, institutions and organisations require clear advice, and quick and effective action and we are well equipped to handle even the most complex and historic allegations imaginable. At Merlyn Law Firm, our experienced team has acted in some of the most high-profile and serious sexual matters in recent years. We are routinely engaged by public figures, professionals, sportspeople, and those in business and industry. As well as advising those facing sexual allegations, we also offer advice to complainants and witnesses in sexual cases, and we regularly act for companies, institutions and organisations who require advice in relation to employees, requests for records/disclosure of material and wider requests for assistance in connection with police investigations.

For companies, charities and institutions, seeking early legal advice is essential in order to assess the gravity of the situation and how the process is likely to unfold, and to ensure steps are taken to minimise reputational damage. Circumstances in which we often advise include where a director or an employee is making or facing sexual allegations, an institution is facing an inquiry into sexual allegations, particularly those of an historic nature, and where the police have requested the co-operation of an organisation with an ongoing investigation.

For those facing sexual allegations, the importance of early, expert advice cannot be underestimated, particularly when allegations are historic or witnesses can be difficult to engage with or trace. We are proactive in our approach, contacting witnesses and ensuring evidence is preserved before any charges are brought. We work with forensic and medical experts who are the best in their field, in areas including computer and mobile phone forensics, DNA analysis, and toxicology. Where appropriate we can make representations to the police with a view to demonstrating that there is not enough evidence to bring a prosecution. Where matters do proceed to court, we ensure every avenue of defence is explored, priding ourselves on the thoroughness with which we prepare every case.

Theft, Fraud & Dishonesty

Merlyn Law Firm is a recognised market leader in criminal defence work and financial crime investigations and has a wide range of experience in all types of fraud cases.

In addition to Merlyn Law Firms expertise in Serious Fraud, the team has a wealth of experience in representing and successfully defending individuals subject to investigations and prosecutions carried out by the Indian governments and prosecuting authorities in relation to allegations of theft, fraud and dishonesty. We provide rapid, effective expert and strategic advice and representation to protect clients’ positions and their reputations.

Our advice and representation covers the range of offences, including fraud by false representation; fraud by failing to disclose information; fraud by abuse of position; possession of articles for use in fraud and obtaining services dishonestly. We also represent those under investigation in relation to allegations of theft, including theft from employer and payment evasion offences.

We are experts in advising clients prior to interview, responding to requests for the production of information and assessing the legality of such requests, as well as challenging requests where it is considered appropriate. We also have a proven track record in persuading prosecution authorities not to bring criminal proceedings and if charges are ultimately brought, preparing our clients’ for trial proceedings.

Reputation Management / Defamation

Merlyn Law Firm provides discreet, effective and expert advice to, organisations, public figures, directors, employees and high profile / high net worth individuals in the business, industry, sports, entertainment and media sectors. Our clients come to us because of our reputation, expertise and impressive track record of success, and because they want the best possible advice and representation. In particular, we are renowned for our discretion, as well as our expertise in safeguarding our client’s reputation and avoiding unwanted media interest.

We respond rapidly and effectively to protect the reputation of our clients when they are affected by a criminal or regulatory investigation/prosecution. Our lawyers are proactive from the outset and highly experienced in managing the media, controlling the release of information into the public domain and ensuring minimum disruption to our client’s life and reputation.

There have been many recent examples where private information has been leaked to the press and subsequently published across the media, often with negative headlines. In this type of situation, for both individual and corporate clients, our experienced lawyers proactively seek to minimise negative publicity, for example by providing detailed responses to press enquiries to correct misleading reporting, and more generally taking steps to limit our client’s exposure to any adverse media attention.

In addition, where necessary or desirable, we work closely with PR firms and other professional advisers to protect the reputation and privacy of our clients, which may include instituting legal proceedings against the media or the investigating authority.

Murder & Other Heinous Offences

Murder and manslaughter fall within the wider definition of homicide. Murder is committed when a person of sound mind unlawfully kills another person and they have the intention to kill or to cause grievous bodily harm. A number of complete defences to murder exist, including self-defence, as well as partial defences, including diminished responsibility and loss of control.

Merlyn Law Firm is recognised as a market leader in general and serious crime. We have extensive experience in representing individuals accused of the most serious offences and regularly act in cases involving allegations of murder and other offences. With strong links to the most experienced and sought after advocates and experts, we provide bespoke and specialist representation from the early stages of an investigation, through to the conclusion of the court process.

Motoring Offences

Within Merlyn Law Firms’ Serious & General Crime department, we have a particular expertise in dealing with the broad range of motoring offences. This includes all of the most frequently encountered motoring offences: failing to provide the driver’s details; various document offences (such as driving without insurance); speeding; driving without due care and attention; failing to stop or failing to report; dangerous driving; causing death by driving whilst unlicensed/uninsured/disqualified; causing death by careless or inconsiderate driving; causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs; causing death by dangerous driving; and causing serious injury by disqualified or dangerous driving.

We also cover the full range of offences relating to drink/drug driving, including driving (or in charge) when under the influence of drink or drugs, driving (in charge / attempting to drive) with excess alcohol, failing to provide a specimen of breath for screening and failing to provide a specimen for analysis.

In addition, we have considerable expertise in relation to dealing with driver disqualification proceedings, particularly those relating to excess penalty points and exceptional hardship arguments. Our advice and representation cover’s the whole spectrum of the enforcement process, from the initial receipt notice of intended prosecution to any subsequent court proceedings, including advice at the police station and advocacy in the Magistrates’ Court and the Sessions/High Court.

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